Tango, the dance is always about two people, a story filled with deep meaning and passion. When a man and a woman, rediscovering the pleasure of dancing together, are in a hug.

Tango captivates all who touch it. This dance espresses the deepest feelings people experience in life for themselves and their own existence.

Anibal Lautaro and Valeria Maside. Their dance style, polished and passionate, conquered in a short time wide audiences in theatres and milongas from Buenos Aires to Moscow. 

Anibal Lautaro and Valeria Maside. An encounter, a hug, tango.

Anibal and Valeria are professional with an international trajectory and great maestros due to their pedagogical and didactic outstanding skills.

Within their latest performances we can highlight their China Tour with the Company : Tango de America. Their participation in the Concert next to Quinteto Piazolla in Teatro Yauza Palace, Moscow. Concerts with Orchestras Soledad and Solo Tango in Music Palace Moscow, Kiev, Rostov.

They were invited by the maestro : Cholo Mamone and his Orchestra for dancing in San Martin Theatre. They have toured Russias eigth main cities with the show :Tango de Amor.

They have participated in several International Tango Festivals such as: II Congreso Internacional of Tango in Florianopolis; II Festival Bio Tango in Barcelona, Festival Ritmos del Mundo in Belgium, Summer Tango Week in Belgium (3 consecutives years) Festival Dansen in t Park in Belgium (3 years), Festival Noche de Amor in Belgium, Festival de las Artes in Bariloche Argentine, I International Tango Festival in Antwerpen, Festival Rojo Tango in London (2 consecutives years), I Festival  Kraysnoyarks in Russia, I Encuentro de Tango Peniscola in Spain.

They also have teach and performed in many cities aroun the world: Gante, Brugge, Roma, London, Krasnoyarks, London, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Perpignan, Paris, Antwrpen, Moscow.

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